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Arrangements (like Hand Ties) can be sent on any occasion. Below are the most popular designs. Should you want something you do not see please do not hesitate to contact me on (0116) 2395708/07706432847


Parallel Arrangement:

This has this name because it has three vertical lines that are parallel to one another. This design also contains material on the back so could be placed in the centre of a table. It is a very striking design.

A posy

A posy is the most common arrangement. Its circular design allows it to be viewed from all angles and should look the same all around. There is also the option of having it grouped.



The Linear arrangement is so called because of the line of the focal flowers. Can be in any colour. Very striking yet simple design. Front facing.


This Design is similar to a posy aside from the fact that it is tall in the centre which gives a slightly different appearance.

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