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Fresh Flowers wedding Gallery


Below is a range of previous wedding work in all aspects of floristry from bouquets and button holes to venue decor. Also is a bit of information about each item as well as helpful tips and advice. Everything has been put into separate sections for example bridal bouquet with advice and tips to assist in choosing and a gallery of previous work.

Bridal Bouquets 

Choosing your Bridal bouquet

Bridesmaids bouquets 

Button holes for the men

Usually with button holes, the Grooms button hole is that little bit more special. Traditionally, the grooms button hole, also known as a buttoniere contains flowers from the bridal bouquet that the other button holes do not, this could simply be a different coloured rose or may be additional material such as spray roses or delphinium. Sometimes the father(s)/ Step-father(s) have slightly different ones. Grooms men and ushers usually include, father(s), grand-father(s), stepfather(s), son(s) best man/men and close family and friends-such as brother(s). There is no limit as to who can have a button hole and you can even have one for each guest. Button holes can be either pinned or magnetic great news if hiring suits or wanting to protect clothing. They are presented in labelled boxes lined with tissue paper this protects the flowers.

Bridesmaid bouquet-choices

There are various options for bridesmaids bouquets and different reasons for choice. It comes down to each couples preferences, taste and budget. Above is a selection of previous bridesmaids bouquets. The most two common types are smaller versions of the bridal or some variation of the ever popular gyp bouquet. With smaller versions of the bridal bouquet this may apply to either the bridal hand tied bouquet or the bridal shower/teardrop shaped bouquet. These bouquets are exactly as described and contain a smaller amount of each type of flower that are contained within the bridal bouquet. The gyp bouquet can literally just contain gypsophelia (baby's breath) or can include other flowers found within the bridal bouquet such as roses and lisianthus but the focal is entirely on the gyp. The gypsophelia bouquets and the variations of them generally tend to be cheaper than a smaller version of the bridal bouquet but it does depend upon what flowers are in the bridal bouquet as they do vary in price. 


Corsages-for the ladies

Corsages are traditionally worn by mothers and grandmas. They can also be worn by bridesmaids as a cheaper alternative to having a bouquet. Corsages can be wrist, pinned or magnetic. Corsages can be as small as you like. Usually spray roses, freesias and alstroemeria are used but can use whatever flowers are requested to suit colours and theme. As like the button holes, corsages are presented in labelled boxes lined with tissue paper to protect them.

Top table/registry table arrangement/garlands

Top table/registry table arrangements and garlands

Decorating your venue can be done in various ways. The most popular items tend to be those that lend themselves to being used at two venues if applicable. Topiary trees, arches, garlands and pew ends are all re used from churches to reception. Also ever popular is the welcome sign garlands which always make a lovely entrance. Above is a selection of different ways to dress a venue. One of my personal favourites was at West Mill Derby when each level of the building had something on it, from the garlands and the flower wall to the suspended wheels (wheels suppled by couple who were huge bike enthusiasts). Other types of flowers that are very popular are cake flowers in which there are a selection above. 

Doubling up on venue flowers-

Topiary trees can be used for entrances, window decorations can double as table centres, pedestals can be used for entrance, arches can be used for entrance, pew ends can double up as chair backs and garlands can be used in various places. From the stairway to pergula! Whatever your type of venue, your style, your budget or your taste, there is something for everyone. 

Venue Decoration

Venue Decoration

Centre pieces.

There are many centre pieces that couples choose. Their budget, style, venue, colour scheme and taste will all determine what is chosen. Above is a selection of varying types of centre pieces from the very popular jam jar posy to the very contemporary Martini vase. Some couples prefer a larger centre piece as they would like to create impact and fill a room. Other couples opt for a more rustic feel with the jam jar posy which is much smaller but looks very pretty. Often with centre pieces I will use containers within a container this is so that if vases are on hire to the couple, the arrangements can still be retained by them and given out to guests if wanted. Other centre pieces include, fish bowls, lily vases, rustic tin arrangements, bud vases, milk bottles, candleabra arrangements and bird cages. There is something for every couple whatever their taste and budget may be. 

Centre pieces

The bridal bouquet is a brides outer accessory! A lot of brides often get stuck when choosing what to have in their bouquet. A lot can depend upon what flowers are in season, take one of the most popular flowers the peony as an example. Peonies are really only available in May/June so if you are set on these try picking a date in May or June. If an alternative is required I would suggest a beautiful David Austen Rose, they are big blowsy flowers often mistaken for a peony and often have a strong fragrance, the downside is they are expensive but you won't need many to make an impact. Roses are always popular as are favourites such as freesia and lisianthus. If your budget is tight go for seasonal flowers and have gyp and greenery to bulk the bouquets out, a little of these go a long way. The bridal bouquet is often bigger than the bridesmaid bouquet as it afterall the main bouquet. It can be a hand tied bouquet, a tear drop style, or cascading in style. Each bouquet is tailor made to suit each brides taste and requirements. The style that a couple are looking for will often be reflected in the choosing of their flowers and venue can play a huge part in this. Barn type venues, will often have a more rustic them therefore a loose style is often the best option with lots of variety and interest.All my bouquets come in boxes of water so that they are their freshest on your big day! They can even be used as decorations at the reception.  If you would like a discussion about your wedding flowers please get in touch I would love to hear from you. 

There are different reasons as to why a couple might choose to have a table arrangement or a garland. Either of them can be moved around easily. If having a smaller table for just the two of you known as a sweetheart table then a smaller garland or a smaller table arrangement probably around 3ft in length will be ample. If you have long tables or are marrying in a barn type venue, garlands look amazing. Alternatively You may decide to have a smaller arrangement with a topiary tree either side. There are many ways of dressing your top table/registry table. Something else to consider may be your budget which may determine which option is best for you. Above is a selection of each type, Garlands are increasingly popular and are very on trend. Garlands can be entirely foliage or can incorporate as many or little flowers as required. I have done both the sparse garlands and the fuller ones, each is made to taste.

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